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Cloud9Tours is a boutique luxury hotel and resort booking service which provides a more personal human touch that is so lacking in today's online world, at prices which are 25-50% lower than the best prices listed at the leading online booking websites, travel agencies, or the direct booking with the hotel itself. And to top it off, when you book with Cloud9Tours you automatically become a member and will enjoy many member amenities and benefits.  


We feature only 4 & 5 star luxury hotels and resorts to the most popular travel destinations in the world, who's list will continue to grow in the coming year as we expand our member affiliate network.


Our services also include catering to people in the diamond industry as well as corporate executives who travel extensively to Dubai, UAE which has become a prominent global business and financial hub, as well as what is looking to become the largest diamond trade hub in the world for rough and polished diamonds. 


We also provide services which cater to the special needs of companies looking to host international world class business conferences & exhibitions, or for those looking to hold a special personal or corporate event.


Our uncompromising commitment to our clients is to provide them with the best possible services at the lowest competitive price in providing luxury for less. 

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Cloud9Tours staff was professional and a pleasure to work with. Their prices on rooms is also much lower than anyone else. Great hotel location and the staff are amassing, the rooms are very big and new - the view from the hotel is awesome - if you take the kosher Breakfast cost is 90 NIS per person - don't order the regular one.

Eran from Israel 

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